‘I never really had motivation to go to the gym. Hard Bodies Boot Camp completely changed that about me. Classes are engaging, energetic, fun and most importantly, I get a full body workout every time. Right at the first class. Emil, Melissa and the “veterans’ made me feel I was part of their ‘workout family’. I highly recommend Hard Bodies Boot Camp’ – Wesley A.

‘Before meeting Emil my workouts were listless and ineffective.  I felt weak, old, and out of shape. I knew from my first workout at Hard bodies that my life would change. Emil and the other instructors have created a program that has succeeded in bringing out the athlete in me. I feel strong again and more able to meet the challenges that I face in life both physically and mentally. I am inspired by the other athletes who have made the Hard Bodies experience part of their lives. I would recommend this program to anyone who still has that fire burning inside but is having trouble getting it started.’ -Pete A.

‘I have always been into fitness, purchasing every home video program and hopping around from one gym to another to find group fitness programs. Hard Bodies is a challenging class but also so much fun. Emil is different to other instructors I have had in the past. He has a passion and a belief that his program will get you into the best shape you can while also having fun. I liked Hard Bodies so much that I became an instructor at it after being a member for 7 months.’ -Melissa T. 

‘The first step to taking control of your life is to take control of your body. No one promotes this better than the instructors at Hard Bodies. They will inspire you not only to work out, but to also live a healthier lifestyle outside of the gym; all while providing a friendly and positive environment. If you want to take control of your life, Hard Bodies is the way to go’ – Carlos G.

‘Hard Bodies Boot Camp is a great workout for any level of athlete. It is great to see the diversity of people who attend classes. There are beginners, intermediate and advanced people all in the same class and the instructors provide modifications so that each group gets a challenging workout. Emil, Melissa and Kim all do a great job of coaching everyone to get the most out of each class’ – Kevin K.

‘I started Hard Bodies about 2 years ago and I had been working out for some years prior. However, I had plateaued and needed something to shock my body. THIS class did just that! Everyday it is something different to spice up your routine and that is what I love about this program. In addition, I have made some great friends and are continually inspired by the members and their dedication. I highly recommend everyone to give this program and try.’ – Kim F.

‘The reason I love going to Hard Bodies so often is because every single night is different, which is so important to me. I was working out everyday the same which became boring and no fun until now. Hard Bodies classes have made me feel confident and gain what has reenlist for a while now! Emil Melissa and Kim are incredible teachers and not to mention great motivators! I am going on to my 7th week at Hard Bodies and I get a family feeling every time I walk in there! Everyone laughs, everyone’s happy and EVERYONE’S DRENCHED IN SWEAT within 5 minutes. I highly recommend at least trying a class. I’ve seen changes in myself that can really only come from a Hard Bodies workout class!’ – Amanda B.

‘I LOVE Hard Bodies Boot Camp! The workouts are different every class but one thing that doesn’t change is that they are always INTENSE workouts that target every muscle in your body. I always leave dripping sweat and feeling great! Aside from the awesome workouts, what I would say separates Hard Bodies from other fitness programs is the atmosphere, and the energy in the classes. There are people at all different levels of fitness motivating each other throughout the class and the instrocutres are constantly encouraging you to do your own personal best.’ – Marleny